General liability and insurance Why do you need it for your business?

Business Insurance
As a business owner, you take every possible step to ensure the safety of your customers and the products, quality and services you provide. We cannot know every situation that may arise in the business, and general liability insurance provides important protection when an unexpected situation occurs. Not only does this type of coverage protect your financial health should anything go wrong, but many customers and service providers will not do business with an organization without a guarantee.

What does my general liability cover?

Generally, business liability insurance is designed to protect your business against claims by third parties who are not employees or contractors of your business. This could include your customers or clients, users of your products, or anyone else who comes into contact with you or your employees during your job. The costs your plan will cover include:

Property damage. accidents can happen. When your business employs people who come into contact with the personal property of customers or third parties, you must ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover accidental or accidental damage.
Personal injury/medical expenses. No business owner wants to consider this possibility, but in today’s culture your business is likely to be sued for bodily harm to another, third party, and you could be liable for your medical expenses and other damages. pertaining to injury or personal injury to your property after an accident.
Physical injury. In addition to personal injury, third parties can sue your business for alleged violence or vandalism.
Legal costs. Whatever the outcome, any lawsuit will be time-consuming and expensive. General liability insurance can help cover legal costs while keeping everything running as smoothly as possible.
Unless otherwise stated, general liability plans do not cover workers’ compensation, liability or commercial vehicle insurance.

Understand Your Business Insurance

If you have goods to be transported to your business, you should make sure that you have adequate property insurance that covers damage to the building from severe weather, fire, accident and other events. For comprehensive services at an affordable price, you can choose a Business Owner Policy (BOP) that includes product insurance and general liability. It’s important to know the limits of your coverage – every policy is different. Specific insurance needs depend on geographic location, the specific services your business provides, whether you use an employee or contractor, and numerous other factors.

General information does not replace a face-to-face meeting with an insurance agent who can guide you through liability and payment options. Don’t be caught off guard when you find out what your policy will pay for after an accident – contact us for insurance advice you can trust.

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